Thursday, November 14, 2013

The rest of the story. And more.


I just sat down to put together some information for prospective homeschoolers and I couldn't shut up. Just like that—BAM!—I remembered how much I love to write! How do you forget something you really like? It's like forgetting to eat chocolate.

Anyway, when we last left our hero, she had wrecked the car and spent a night in the ER trying to breathe through bronchitis and pleurisy. The rest of the story goes like this: A week (or two? or three maybe? It's been so long I'm a little loose on the timeline.) after Abbey's initial accident, the one in which her daddy's car was totaled, she was on her way to campus in her truck. She was sitting at a light with another car behind her, when some jack-weed football player plowed into the guy behind her, who plowed into her, which pushed her into the guy in front of her.

Yes, the girl is an idiot magnet. Lucky for us, the truck was still driveable and she was already on a first-name basis with the chiropractor. The funniest part of this whole thing is that both of the drivers who caused the two accidents she was in have Farmer's insurance. The Farmer's guy in Lynchburg loves us.

Now the story jumps to October and Mike's wedding in Florida. Ben and I drove down the week before to get some beach time and entertain the grandbabies (and their parents) for a few days before wedding mania set in. The plan for the kids was that Abbey and Elijah were going to drive up to DC Thursday night and stay with Leah, and then all three would fly down Friday morning.

Well. You know what they say about plans, right?

Abbey called us Wednesday night to inform us her truck was at a friend's apartment and would not start.

Fan. Tastic.

Did you know you can't rent a car without six forms of ID, proof of city residency, and a blood sample? It's way easier to commit voter fraud.

After spending 24 hours on the phone and exhausting all other options, I called Melinda (the recent college grad who we've adopted as #6 and who lives with us, and whose car, incidentally, is sitting in the front yard. Broken. Yes, it's an epidemic.).

Melinda would drive my car to Lynchburg and pick up Abbey and Elijah. They would all drive home to our house. A and E would drop Melinda here (who was dog sitting for us) and then drive up to Leah's, to make the early Friday flight.

And guess what. We all made it there and we HAD A WEDDING!


It was a gorgeous setting, perfect weather, and aside from the best man's (Mansquared) inability to get the knot out of the ribbon holding the rings on the little pillow, it all went perfectly.

Don't we look like a stress-free bunch?

Ben and I decided that next time, we're taking the week before AND the week after a wedding off. We need the time to recuperate.

See you in January for the next bimonthly blog update!

Be thankful ~


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Jen's Busy Days said...

Oh dear, haven't been by in a while and you have all the fun! Well, maybe not. :-(

I hope everyone heals and that the cars get better too.

Have a great Christmas and stay safe, all of you.

Best wishes
Jen in Oz