Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yay! A blog post!

Y'all. My last blog post was June 2nd. Two months! It's not that I haven't thought about the blog, it's that there is just no time for blog posts, and when there is a little time, I spend it in bed trying to catch up on the sleep that my menopausal body so desperately needs but simultaneously denies me. Those of you in your fifties understand. I go to work, I come home, Ben and I  make dinner and clean up, and I go to bed. It's a very different life.

Anyway, I just had to pop on here to tell you about yesterday.

Remember me talking about Tony, the trainer at the gym? When I  used to be a gym rat, I talked about him all the time. Well yesterday Tony and his girlfriend Cori got married. It was a small, really sweet wedding at the City Dock in Fredericksburg next to the Rappahannock River. Just a great day all around.

But one of the things that made this day so special for Ben and me was watching our daughter Abbey in action. Abbey is the daughter who is dyslexic, who never thought she could "do" college, who just graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Studio and Digital Art, and who is now a wedding photographer.

Watching her at work was a special treat for us. She is so talented, and God so obviously knew what he was doing when he led her down this path. I'll share a few of her wedding photos when she gets them edited. They are truly breathtaking!

You can find more examples of her work at her blog, Abbey Deerest.

I'll try to be back sooner than two months with updates on work and what the family has been doing this summer.

Be thankful ~

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