Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello, I am my grandmother.

It's amazing how much you can get done when you get up at 5:30. I feel like I heard my grandmother say that once.

After stripping the bed and spinning the mattress, I got the first load of laundry started, picked up a few things around the house, fed the dog, and headed out. First stop was the Goodwill, where I dropped off the box of homeschool books I didn't sell at yesterday's sale. And then, since I was right there, I thought it would be appropriate to run in Wawa and get a big cup of the best coffee ever. Starbucks has nothing on Wawa. While I was there, I grabbed a bag of their Colombian coffee for Abbey.

Then it was on to Walmart for groceries. Did you know that Walmart is even crowded at 7 am? Or maybe it's just me, but I like to have the whole place to myself. I am not a social shopper.

Back home, put all the groceries away, cut up the chicken, put it in bags with marinade, and froze it for easy dinners later in the week. (I'm learning already the benefits of planning easy meals for during the week.)

Jumped in the car at 9:15 to meet Abbey in Charlottesville (an hour and a half away) with her new camera. When I handed her the box with the camera and all its accessories, she thanked me (she's paying for it, but I'm facilitating the temporary loan). When I handed her the bag of Wawa coffee, she gushed, "You are my favorite mother!" The girl has her priorities.

We had lunch at Chipotle, laughed our heads off at the funny things our friend Levi Wright has said over the years ("When are you leaving?" "Your face looks great!"), then left for home. Stopped at the farm for milk on the way.

Got home about 2 pm and put the sheets in the dryer, then started tearing the house apart. Put all the chairs on the table, folded up the living room rug, and moved everything else I could. Swept and mopped all the wood floors and vacuumed the rugs.

Got the clean sheets out of the dryer and made the bed.

Somewhere in there I realized I hadn't kept anything out for dinner, so I ran to the freezer and grabbed one of the bags of half-frozen, already-marinated chicken. Started to make a batch of granola and realized I didn't have enough coconut oil. Grabbed my purse and went to Target for that and a couple of other things Walmart didn't have.

Came home. Got granola in the oven. Speed-thawed the chicken. Made a salad. Finished baking/stirring the granola. Grilled chicken. Cleaned up.

It's 8:06 pm. May I go to bed now?

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