Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Every birth experience has its highs and lows, doesn't it? Deb was telling me about her most recent one yesterday, and it started with the whole family going to a revival meeting in a town an hour away. They had a great time and everything was going swimmingly until they pulled into the driveway at home, she stepped out of the car, and her water broke. She said her first thought was, "Oh! My shoes!" I love that girl.

Without getting too graphic, the birth story continues with a large tub for a water birth, running out of hot water, heating water in pots on the stove, too much hot water, baby coming quickly, Daddy catching baby as the midwife walked in the house, and Deb passing out when she tried to get out of the tub.

THIS is why we pray for our children.

Be thankful ~

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