Sunday, March 31, 2013

Emptying my camera. It didn't take long.

I plugged in my camera today for the first time in a long time and wound up deleting most of the pictures. They were awful, and proof that I need a lot of practice. The ones that remain aren't necessarily decent, just interesting to me.

I took this on a foggy morning I have no idea how long ago. A month maybe?

And of course Pete always makes the cut. He lives on the edge of danger with his head and paws hanging over, looking out over his kingdom fifteen feet below.

I took a bunch of these last time there was a full moon. Was that last week? My mad photography skills are in need of a tripod. That lawn chair just didn't cut it. It was a very cool sky though.

And this one from Leah, who just spent her spring break week with Deb and David and the grandbabies. Bean has two cats: Mama Kitty and Daddy Kitty. Yes, he named them. They are brother and sister. He loves these cats almost literally to pieces, and Mama Kitty is especially tolerant of his affections. Here, he has put Mama Kitty in the suitcase. I love that boy.

Tomorrow Mansquared is coming through with his "family" to have dinner and Blueberry Yum-Yum. As I was putting the dessert together, Ben said, "I knew it couldn't be for us."

Be thankful ~

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Kayla said...

You have to love a cat that is willing to be placed in a suitcase for their human. I love the foggy and moon pictures too. Glad you are back a bit more regularly.