Sunday, March 24, 2013

A note from Anonymous.

Funny things happen when you take a blog hiatus. You get comments like this:

"Remember that time you blogged??? Yeah, me either."

And it's from Anonymous, whoever that is. So thank you, Anonymous, for giving me a laugh on this not-so-laughable evening.

This evening is not laughable for one very depressing reason: it is snowing. Now, you may not think that's a problem, but for this flip-flop-addicted, beach-loving woman, it is a HUGE problem. My neighbor continually prays for snow, and today I tried to bribe him with fresh vegetables from my future garden if he would just stop it already. Even the weather people don't know what to make of this storm. The predictions changed hourly last week.

Just a dusting.

Two to four inches.

Three to eight.

Rain/snow mix.

The last I heard was two inches, but the temperature is going to be 38 tomorrow so it wouldn't last.

Then I came across this on facebook:
So, I guess I can agree that at least we haven't had an earthquake lately. But then my oldest called from Florida and when he found out it was snowing here in Virginia, he said, "So I guess this is a bad time to tell you it's 75 degrees and sunny here?"

That would be a yes.

In other news, Abbey came back from her spring break spent fixing houses in Louisiana with a shoulder injury, so now we are in the process of getting her to a doctor to find out if something is torn. It sure seems like it, and she's pretty frustrated that she can't lift her right arm. Makes it hard to drive, do your hair, brush your teeth . . . necessary things like that.

Then I got a call from Mansquared today. Seems he injured his knee so badly that he was on crutches for a day before one of his professors (the athletic trainer at Liberty) reset something in it and gave him instructions to ice it and do some prescribed physical therapy exercises.

Ben suggested we send Abbey to this professor too.

In the meantime, we are back to our empty nest for a week before Mansquared comes through with a bunch of friends, and I intend to spend that week catching up on schoolwork for my second class, Understanding Educational Research and Assessment.

Contain your excitement.

Be thankful ~

PS. Anonymous, I blogged. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom :) love ya!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I've been on the same hiatus...for like two years now. :-/

I do miss it so.