Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 5.

Well it's a good thing I didn't resolve to write on the blog every day.

I am still here, still busy (aren't we all?), still organizing my life with wads of sticky notes strewn around my desk.

We successfully got Abbey back to Lynchburg yesterday and we are in full get-Mansquared-ready-to-leave mode, and in the midst of the cooking-shopping-laundry-packing-oh-dang-I-forgot (fill in the blank) frenzy, I continue to edit my current project while inserting snippets of marketing copy here and there for a different client. And getting all the bills paid. I am Wonder Woman.

(Just took a short break to be introduced to Duck Dynasty. It might be the funniest show ever.) 

January 6.

And with that, I hit the wall. If you've never been a distance runner, you may not know what "the wall" is, so I will explain. When you set out to train for a half marathon—13.1 miles—you are supposed to run successively longer runs each weekend in preparation. Your longest training run should be something MORE than 13.1. This is because when distance running, when you get to the length of your longest run, you feel like you've hit a wall and it's very hard to push through it. Almost impossible, in fact. My longest training run last year was 12 miles, and it was ten days before the race. So on race day, when I got to the 12-mile mark, I literally could not make myself run. I probably walked half of the last mile, stunned the whole time that I really, honestly COULD NOT run. I managed to pick my feet up enough to shuffle across the finish line, but that was it. When my foot hit the line, I stopped.

So that's what happened last night. I hit my wall, shut the computer down, and went to bed. And now I've crammed two boring days into one post.

Be thankful ~

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Casa Cannon said...

so are you going to try for another half this year? I have been slacking off big time. It's so hard to make myself work out in the winter.