Saturday, December 29, 2012

We're parents. It's what we do.

Once again I have been chastised by one of my children for neglecting the blog.

But see, my days are chock-full of boring stuff that just isn't worthy of the energy it would take to type it all out. And I don't have much of a gift for making it into something which it is not.

Today, however, for the sake of the children, I will try.

Yesterday Abbey and two friends drove to another friend's house in Maryland, where Abbey left her truck (Wilbur), and all four drove to Connecticut for yet another friend's wedding tomorrow, for which Abbey is the photographer. They drove up to Connecticut last night so they wouldn't get caught in the winter storm that was forecast to hit our area this morning. Good thinking.

I stayed home and went to bed early.

This morning when I finally pried my eyes open at almost 8 am (!!!), I turned my phone on and saw that there were seven text messages. Most of them were from Abbey. Basically, when she got to the Maryland friend's house, they transferred all the stuff from her truck to the other girl's car, and when Abbey went to move her truck, it wouldn't start. Nothing. No click, no nothing. They tried to jump-start it, and still nothing. So she left her keys with the friend's mother and off they went to Connecticut.

Guess what Ben and I did this morning. In the snowstorm.

Yes. We drove to Maryland, where Ben cleaned the battery terminals and Wilbur still wouldn't start. So we drove home with the plan that Ben will go back with a starter tomorrow and hope that fixes it. If not, he will go up with the trailer on Tuesday and haul that bad boy home where he will do as he's told, or else.

Aren't you glad I wrote that all out?

But wait! There's more!

While we were driving, Abbey texted and asked if I could get into her Liberty email account. So I pulled up on my smartphone (term used extremely loosely) and spent the next 25 minutes trying to sign in. If autocorrect had been standing in front of me, I would have punched it right in the face. No fewer than five times, it changed her user ID to "apparent" and then when I finally convinced it that, NO, I REALLY WANT IT TO SAY WHAT I AM TYPING, I put in the and it changed edu to education. Four times. I would erase the cation, and then a split second before I hit login, it would stick the cation back on there. If I hadn't known it would cost me hundreds of dollars, I would have thrown the stupid phone right out the window into the snowstorm-induced traffic on I-95.

Have I ever mentioned that I get carsick when I'm trying to read (or type) in a moving vehicle?

It was a stellar morning. But now we're home, the sun is shining, and I'm going to the fabric store to get the rest of what I need to put Mansquared's quilt together before he leaves in a mere 12 days and Ben and I are true empty-nesters. What ever will we do with ourselves when we don't have kids to rescue?

Be thankful ~


Kayla said...

You could always come and rescue me from some calamity that I have encountered. ;)

Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hey