Monday, December 24, 2012

I can't do vacation.

I've been home for 24 hours and so far I have swept the wood floors, vacuumed the carpeted rooms and rugs, and washed, dried, and folded five loads of laundry. I had my devos in my favorite chair with coffee in my favorite mug this morning. I went to the farm for milk and eggs, and then came home and made tilapia, rice, and asparagus for lunch. There is butter softening in the mixer bowl for the first batch of cookies. The girls went to the store for me, and there is a wheelbarrow full of firewood in the garage. Pete has eaten and is happy. My first textbook for my first master's class came in the mail today (I can't believe I'm excited about a textbook that's for me), and I have made my to-do list for the rest of the week.

And finally I feel relaxed. What kind of weirdo am I?

Be thankful ~


Kayla said...

I understand. Well, I suppose it is possible I am a weirdo as well. Sometimes you have to just dump everything out of your mind, onto a good long list and then, and only then, can you truly relax!

elijah said...

Obviously you can't blog anymore either -_-