Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits.

Not that I adore alliteration or anything.

You know that I've been struggling with a sore Achilles tendon for a few months now, and in that time, I've flip-flopped on whether I should just stop running. One day I decide my running days are over. The next day I'm thinking maybe I'll recover. One day I wonder if I'll ever be able to run a 5K again. The next I'm wondering what it would be like to do a marathon. If Sybil had a runner personality, I'm it.

My latest thought was that if all I can do is walk for exercise, that's really not so bad. It's still good for me, gets my heart rate up (albeit not quite as high), burns a few calories, and it's good for the dog too, because I slap the pinch collar on him and take him along.

So what did I do this rainy morning? Got on the treadmill to walk before yoga and wound up walking a quarter and running a mile. I just couldn't help myself . . . that treadmill just sucks me in. I feel like the chocolate addict who keeps a stash of Dove Promises in her bottom drawer under last year's bathing suit. And the tendon doesn't hurt any more than it ever does, so I think I've proven it doesn't matter whether I run or not.

My ability to justify what I want is a gift.

In other riveting news, tonight I made a pot of chili for dinner. I didn't really want chili, but it was a good excuse to make cornbread, which is what I was craving. I could have eaten cornbread and milk and been perfectly happy. I think I remember someone telling my that my great-grandfather used to put a piece of hot cornbread in a bowl and eat it with fresh cream poured over it. Carbs are my love language, and apparently, I come by it honest.

And finally, I have been contemplating doing a 31 days blog theme on October. I've read a few in the last couple of years that were pretty interesting: 31 Days to Better Photos, 31 Days to Decorate Without Spending Any Money, 31 Days to Eating Better . . . but I can't figure out what subject I would cover. 31 Days to Better Grammar? I can't see people flocking here to read that.

So I don't know. I'm still contemplating. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them. I'm in need of ideas.

Be thankful ~


Kayla said...

Actually, I would come and read your 31 days of grammar blog posts. :)

Anonymous said...

I would read the grammar blog too! Start with the correct verb tenses of lay, when to use who or whom, then move on to when to use accept or except. I know, you could ask for questions to be submitted! You could have a weekly bad grammar photo! It could work. :)

Deb said...

I love cornbread, too! One of my favorite breakfasts/snacks is leftover cornbread, toasted, then smeared with butter and drizzled with maple syrup. It's SO good!

And I like Natasha's ideas. I think it would be great!