Monday, September 3, 2012

Thoughts for Monday.

1. I am very over summer and its accompanying humidity. It seems to have become much thicker around here in the last week, to the point that I can hardly get a brush through the frizz on my head. In three months I will be complaining about the static electricity because it's so dry, but I can't be bothered thinking about that now.

2. Man-squared has a nickname at work: Captain America. His newest manager gave him that name based on his amazing physique. This has not at all gone straight to his already-over-inflated ego. *eyeroll*

3. Orange Roughy is delicious. Especially when it's crusted and grilled and topped with crab. Served at a Bonefish Grill near you.

4. I am paranoid about my daughter Abbey's intestines. She's been having random pains and nausea on and off for a week now, and every time we talk about it, our diagnosis gets worse. I have just a little of my mother in me.

5. I like lifting weights. I enjoy yoga and Pilates and stretching. But I really miss running. I'm scheduled to do a few weeks of physical therapy for my Achilles tendon, and I hope it works.

6. In Luke 17:11–19, all ten lepers were "cleansed," but only one was "made whole." I'm going to have to study that.

That's all. Happy Labor Day.

Be thankful ~


paul said...

love bone fish grill

NaomiG said...

Anything grilled at any place that is not my kitchen is delicious. Because that means I won't have to do dishes. :-)

Haha, Captain America, Haha! When he brings it up you'll just have to put on your hoity-toity voice and say something like, "The LAMEST of superheros!" ha!

I think motherhood and paranoia go hand-in-hand.