Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday art.

Last week I went to see Abbey for a day and half. The first day I got there, she took me on a tour of Demoss, which is the huge building right in the middle of campus. On the fourth floor, the art department has permanently displayed some works that students did last semester, and here's the one that Abbey and her friend Noah did.

They created this by pouring paint over a bowl in the center. It's hard to see in the photo, but the texture is pretty cool. It's thick and lumpy and cracked like a dried up riverbed.

And then there's this spot that's like a relief map of the ocean floor. So cool!

This one is Erin's. I would pay money to have this hanging in my house. It's at least six feet long, maybe more. I just love the city with all its light and energy and then the calm of the country at the far end.

I don't remember whose this is, but I liked the colors and the quiet movement.

I just think it's cool that my daughter has a piece of art on permanent display. I'm a proud mama.

In other news, I dragged my behind out the door tonight for a walk, since not exercising doesn't seem to be helping my body heal. I told Ben I was going to take Pete with me and he immediately tried to talk me out of it. I can't remember the last time I took Pete on a walk, but I do remember that it was an exciting event, and not the good kind. Pete doesn't do well with certain dogs in the neighborhood, mostly because they come charging out of their yards, barking and growling, and he gets a tad nervous, which leads to a lot of lunging and yelping and smashing into my legs because he's scared. (Yes, Pete is 70 pounds. Yes, he is afraid of two Yorkies.)

Anyway, I decided to take him, and it turned out well after all. He was the model of good behavior, even sitting patiently when I stopped to talk to a guy on his riding mower. Of course, the Yorkie twins were nowhere to be seen tonight, so that helped. We'll see what happens next time they meet.

Be thankful ~

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