Sunday, July 8, 2012

A visit from the past.

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered what a friend from long ago was doing now? Where they are in life? What their family is like? Having spent 20+ years in the Navy and moving several times, we think about stuff like that a lot. We have friends all over the world who we were stationed with at one time or another, and some little thing will spark a memory and make us wonder about them.

Last week Ben was contacted by a guy we knew about 20 years ago when we were stationed at NAS Willow Grove, just outside of Philadelphia. Weren't we just children then? Art Good was a staff sergeant back then, went on to make gunnery sergeant, and then retired. We haven't had contact with Art since 1991 when we left Willow Grove for NAS Millington, Tennessee.

Art was on a long motorcycle trip and would be coming up through Virginia and wanted to stop by and say hi, so of course we said come on, and stay for dinner. Today was the day! Like us, Art looks the same only with some gray, and we had a great time for the little while he was here. When one of the kids mentioned there was a teddy bear on his Harley, I had to go take pictures.

I'm not much for motorcycles, but even I think this is a great-looking bike.

Art says the bear is just a conversation piece.

He says when he's going down the highway, the wind catches her left paw and makes it look like she's waving.

And the kids love her.

The Gunney and the Chief.

Be thankful ~

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Anonymous said...

Nice that you got a chance to catch up! Now get your butts over to Guam to catch up!! Rodney