Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mid-week update.

Last night I read this update from my daughter Deb, mother of Sticky Bean and Button, on facebook:

We were out in the garden just now and [Bean] picked a green tomato. I instructed him to only pick the red ones, green tomatoes aren't ripe and they taste yucky. He insisted that no mom, green tomatoes are so good! Being the brilliant mom I am, I said, "Ok, fine. Take a big bite of that green tomato." He did, and guess who wants to pick more green tomatoes for himself to eat? *Sigh* Should have just gone with "Do not pick green tomatoes. Ever."
I just love that boy. Three is such a fun age. They have their own little personalities and they're just so much fun to interact with. Of course, I'm not the one who has to convince him not to pick green tomatoes.
Also, we found out Sunday that our friends Dane and Brooke are expecting what we call a "reunion baby" next February. Dane is a Marine who recently got home from a deployment to Afghanistan. You can probably figure out why we call it a "reunion baby." ;)  They're just a little bit excited.
 In other news, Project: Rebuild the Deck is currently in phase two, having begun at 7 am on this hot and muggy Independence Day.  I would post a picture, but it would look just like every other picture I've ever posted of my deck because there's always some kind of rebuilding project going on out there. I'll try to get some action shots later when the sawdust is flying and the sweat is pouring. I know the anticipation is killing you.
 Be thankful ~

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