Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making do.

Some days you just can't keep up with it all—the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, and the working, even when you don't bother to do any cleaning. And some days you simply forget to do the laundry. Those would be the days Man-squared has no clean black pants and has to be at work by 3 and there's already a load of whites with bleach in the washing machine and it's 1:30 pm. So what do you do?

You switch the machine to spin. You take the clothes out, still reeking of bleach, and pile them in a laundry basket. Then you stand there and wonder if the remnants of bleach in the washer will ruin the black pants. You decide you have no option and go for it. You set the dial on the quick cycle, which takes 30 minutes and will leave you less than 15 minutes to dry the pants. You can't think about that right now. Just get them clean. And hopefully bleach-free.

Knowing Man-squared has to leave by 2:15, you run to the laundry room at 1:55 and see that the washer still has 11 minutes to run. Stupid timer is off. You wait impatiently and at 2:06 you snatch them from the washer and throw them in the dryer, switching it to the inferno setting. At 2:09 Man-squared comes in the laundry room where you are actively praying over the dryer and looks at you expectantly.

You tell him there's just no way. But never fear, Man-squared has an idea. He takes the still-very-wet pants and grabs a container of zip-ties from the garage. He has a ratchet strap holding the spare tire in the bed of his truck. He proceeds to zip-tie the belt loops of his pants to the ratchet strap.

Redneck clothes dryer. At 100°, I'm sure they were dry by the time he got to work.

Be thankful ~


Deb said...

That is hilarious! Such a Sargent thing to do:)

Anonymous said...

That is funny!

Kayla said...

We did that a few times when I was growing up...but we just rolled them up in the window. It worked...and it is a memory that sticks with you. I am assuming it is not one of my mom's proudest moments....but, now that I am a mom, I get it!