Friday, April 6, 2012

P52 Week 14: Foolin' Around

Last weekend we took a group of young adults to the Wilds, a Christian camp. Among the beautiful scenery of Western North Carolina's mountains, we enjoyed great preaching and loads of fun. One of the highlights of every trip to the Wilds is the Giant Swing, a 60-foot high contraption where they harness you into hang-gliding gear, haul you up 6 stories, and then let you go. I actually went on the Giant Swing for the first time this year, and so did Hope (on the left), shown here with Kelce the instant after the click that lets you start falling.

It's definitely not my best photo ever, but it's just too funny not to share.

For more Foolin' Around photos, go here.

Be thankful ~


Mrs. T. said...

Wow! I'm such a wimp. Don't think I'd ever do this but it sure is fun to see. :)

Christine said...

Not just foolin' around--they're having a great time, too! Love it.

Donna said...

Not brave enough for that!