Monday, April 23, 2012

More excitement.

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that I found out Cracker Barrel now has multigrain pancakes and they are delish. They make me want to go back for more.

Today I drove home in the cold rain to Ole Virginny and was welcomed by a lack of Internet connectivity in my house. After spending 30 minutes on the phone with "tech support," resetting the modem no fewer than eight times, restarting the computer fifteen or twenty times, and swapping out every ethernet cable I could find in the house, I finally gave up. The signal comes in and gets broadcast by the router (all the laptops get the signal) but won't work on the computer it's hooked up to. "Tech support" thinks maybe the bitmap adapter capability got interrupted by the buffer cache and the installation codec isn't compatible with the default platform.

I think it's choked with dog hair.

While I was gone I got the new-to-me lens I had ordered the previous week. Once I get time to fiddle around with it, I'll put up some experimental photos. In the meantime, here's one I took with my cell phone while I was in South Carolina with Leah. There is seriously just enough room in this car for the driver. The rest is packed to the ceiling with trash. Amazing.

Kids, remind Daddy of this when he fusses at you for leaving your cars messy.

Be thankful ~

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