Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A craving for home.

If you've been reading here any amount of time, you probably already know that I am a Jersey girl. (Please don't associate me with Snooki.) I wasn't born there, but I did spend the majority of my growing-up years living on the Jersey Shore (they don't call it the beach there—it's the shore) about two blocks from the ocean. That's why I drone on and on about going to the beach for vacations, loving the sunshine and sand and salty air, etc.

But the second-best thing about New Jersey is the food. We grew up with pork roll, real Jewish rye bread and buttered hard rolls for breakfast, and crumb cake. There is nothing like a crumb cake from New York or New Jersey. Honestly, people in the rest of the country don't even know what we're talking about. Entenmann's doesn't count—it's the Yugo of crumb cakes (my apologies if you drive a Yugo). You might recall me writing about our good friend George, who occasionally sends us a crumb cake from Mueller's Bakery in our hometown. He reminds me of the verse in Proverbs that says "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country."

Well last night I was really craving crumb cake, and where do you turn when you don't know where else to turn? Google. So I googled "New York Crumb Cake" and it turned up 254,000 results in a quarter of a second. I went with #5 and it is incredible. You can find the recipe here.

The only thing I would change is the amount of vanilla. The recipe calls for 2 teaspoons, but Ben and I both think it's way too much. May 1/2 teaspoon.

It's not Mueller's, but it was certainly good news from a far country.

Be thankful ~

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Anonymous said...

I lived in NJ for afew years, my grandmother all her life. Nothing like pork roll, hard rolls and what we used to call crumb buns. Gran always brought boxes of baked goods on her visits. Years later have found Taylor's pork roll in New Orleans area. Thanks for the memories!