Monday, March 5, 2012

Change in the weather.

You know how they always say "If you don't like the weather in (fill in the blank), hang around for five minutes. It'll change."? People said that when we lived in Memphis, Jacksonville, Norfolk, and now here in Northern Virginia. Anyway, I have photographic proof that it's true in NoVa.

The view out my french doors at ten this morning:

And the same view six hours later:

Today was a run day—I was supposed to do three easy miles. When I woke up this morning around seven, it was already snowing, but I had heard yesterday that it would only snow a little. I stayed in bed until quarter to eight watching it come down and waiting for it to quit, but finally decided I'd better get my lazy butt up and eat and get dressed. I put on my long running pants (I've learned I'm much more likely to actually, you know, run when I'm already dressed for it.), and went to the kitchen to get my daily dose of granola and yogurt. I sat eating and reading email and facebook, still thinking it would at least slow up some.

Eventually I realized I'd better get out there and run in case it kept getting worse, which it did. I ran a quick two miles in the subdivision, and stupidly forgot a ball cap to keep it out of my eyes and off my glasses. By the time I got back we had two inches on the ground and the flakes were huge and coming down fast.  Within the hour we were up to four inches and it finally started to slow down. By noon it had quit completely and the sun was out. At four this afternoon it was all but gone. Tomorrow's supposed to be sunny and in the 50s, and on Thursday it's going to be 70°.

Be thankful ~

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