Saturday, February 4, 2012

Three things I learned today.

1. Starbucks instant coffee, Via, still tastes like instant coffee, just five times more expensive. Even International Delight French Vanilla Coffee Creamer doesn't help.

2. You know how when you put a tomato-based substance (like chili or spaghetti sauce) in a plastic container, it leaves the container forever orange? Well I heard years ago that if you spray the inside of the container with cooking spray before you put the stuff in, it won't stain. I don't know why it took me until the age of 50 to try it, but I did, and it works. No stain, and no remaining smell of chili. Go forth and save your containers.

3. Now that my children are adults, they are thankful they were homeschooled. Deb has been taking some computer programming classes sponsored by her county, and she's been so frustrated with them. The teacher doesn't answer her questions, he doesn't explain things clearly, he assigns 12 hours of videos to watch (clearly he doesn't have a toddler and a baby), etc.

So today I got this text from her:

I just realized how much of a homeschooler I am. I've been frustrated with my instructors because they're moving us through the course when we haven't even mastered what we were working on. It just occurred to me that HELLO? that's how public schools work! It's not about mastering a subject or helping an individual learn. It's about cramming facts and forcing everyone along at the decided pace. So glad I was homeschooled! It's no wonder kids are brats. They're frustrated all the time!

Also, I'm trying a new focaccia recipe (made with whole wheat flour) from Tasty Kitchen. If you haven't checked out Tasty Kitchen yet, you should. It's pretty amazing. I'll let you know how many mitts I give this recipe.

Be thankful ~

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Kayla said...

My oldest is 14, but we had a talk yesterday about homeschooling. We have explained to all the kids that we feel that God has called us to homeschool and if things don't change, we plan to high school them all through high school. Anyway, I asked him the dreaded question of whether or not he wished he could go to "regular" school like his friends. He said that he used to, but lately he had been talking to his friends about stuff and he has decided that they spend a lot more time doing a lot less than he is getting done. He thinks he is further along than they are and he gets to be in his pjs and has fun "visitors" throughout the day (like his 2 year old sister). Whew! I breathed a sigh of relief at his answer...hoping to have similar discussions with the other 5 when they are older.
Wow! That ended up really long....sorry....