Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The saga of why they can't just leave well enough alone.

I am now officially on pair of shoes #4. I started with the Saucony Ride4.

They were too narrow. Then switched to Brooks Glycerin 9.

They were also too narrow. Then back to the Sauconys, but in a wide width.

They were wide enough but didn't have enough shock absorption, so my knees and hips hurt. Now I'm in Nike Vomeros.

I kind of like the yellow, but I had to get rid of the yellow laces and replace them with longer white ones because to keep them on my feet, I have to lace them up to the very last hole, and the nifty yellow laces weren't long enough for that. Makes you wonder how much more than $130 you would have to pay to get laces long enough for all the holes they put in the shoes. 

Anyway, I want to be excited, but I'm very close to throwing in the towel and going back to my old Asics. I tried on the new version of my old shoes (Asics Gel-Nimbus 13), but they've made them a LOT narrower, so I can barely get my feet in them. 

So today I was wondering to myself as I'm sure we all do from time to time, "Why must they always change the things I like?" It makes me wonder if the chief engineers' meeting at Asics went like this:

Chief: Fellas, it's a new year and that brings a new opportunity to aggravate the stew out of a few million people. What can we change this year? Marty?

Marty: Well, I don't like last year's colors, so let's definitely change them. The pink was way too Mary Kay. I'd like something a little more Pepto-Bismol.

Chief: Okay, I think we can do that. How about you, Herb?

Herb: You know, I've been thinking. Remember how the laces were offset in last year's shoe? And remember how they got such fantastic reviews and everyone loved them? Well, we can't just leave them that way. It will look like we're stagnating and we won't be able to claim the "new and improved" status we so love. I think we should change the angle of the laces. Make them run right up over the top of the arch where they can dig in and rub the skin raw.

Chief: Great idea, Herb. We'll get our Head of Lace Angles right on that. What else? Bob? (because there's always a Bob)

Bob: Well, there's this woman in Virginia who has a really hard time buying shoes on account of she inherited bunions from her mother and grandmother. A lot of times even the wide-width shoes don't fit her, but last year she wore the old Asics Gel-Nimbus 13 for an entire year with no foot pain and she loved them! We can't have life being too easy for her, you know. If we make them at least an inch narrower, there's no way she'll be able to find running shoes that fit, and she'll spend weeks taking pair after pair back to the running store. That'll give the people at VA Runner something to complain about every time they see her pulling in the parking lot. And it will frustrate the daylights out of Nike, Brooks, and Saucony because she'll keep bringing shoes back. What do you think, boss?

And so it was.

Be thankful ~


NaomiG said...

Oh, that stinks!! I have a pair of Under Armours that are driving me crazy right now, so I feel your pain!! The tennis shoe I consistently have really great success with is anything New Balance. But, I've got pretty basic feet too. :-) Hope you find something soon!

Connie said...

I tried on a pair two weeks ago and thought my feet had spread out more! My old Asics were sooooo comfortable but the new ones, I have bunions too, are horrible. At least now I know I am not losing my mind!

I live IN Jesus said...

Hey Karen! I am a "runner" with wide feet as well(I also had bi-bunionectomies on both feet!)! I was wondering do you have high arches or flat feet? I have wide flat feet so if I don't have enough arch support(to prevent over pronation) then my knees and hips REALLY bother me. The shoes that I religiously run in are the Brooks Ariel. They have a stiffer sole and they seem wide enough, I also buy my running shoes a whole size bigger for the toe room while pounding it out on my runs! :) These are just some things that I have learned in the 5-10 years of running that I have done(with feet problems that is! ;))! Hope that helps!
God bless!
Sarah T

Kayla said...

I am just really feeling sorry for your pocketbook now....well, your feet too....but mostly your pocketbook!