Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A list of random stuff in random order. For Abbey.

1. Went for my first run in the new Nikes today (note there is no apostrophe in Nikes because it's plural, not possessive). Four miles and so far, no pain. But I'm withholding judgment until after my six on Saturday.

2. We had the windows open all day today. (Is this still February? In Virginia?) Tomorrow is supposed to be close to 70°. Right now it's raining, and I love the sound of rain with the windows open.

3. I went to church tonight just to keep the nursery. I only do babies (no toddlers) for my own sanity. Toddlers stress me out. Tonight the babies were pretty happy.

4. Today I went to Yoder's, a little Mennonite-run country store about an hour away. That's where I get my wheat, and since I get it in 50-pound bags, I only go a few times a year. But now that I'm making copious quantities of granola, I wanted to see if I could get some of those ingredients cheaper there. The oats are definitely a better price, and so is the coconut. The nuts (almonds and walnuts) are still cheaper at the commissary, and I haven't yet found a good place to buy organic maple syrup at a reasonable price. Right now I'm paying $5-something for an 8-ounce bottle, which is not good at all. I think I need to check Amazon.

5. I tried to find mustard pretzels for Abbey (her favorite from Yoder's) (and yes, she changed the spelling of her name), but they don't have them anymore. Only honey mustard & onion pretzels, and that just sounds nasty. I did get some good hard-as-rock gingersnaps for Ben, chocolate-covered pretzels for Man-squared and Mike, and the biggest bag of coconut I've ever seen. Oh, and a Richard Scarry book for the grandbabies. It was one of our favorites:

I've been challenged to blog more since Abbey doesn't have a facebook. So now you know about my boring day. :)

Be thankful ~

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Anonymous said...

I love Richard Scary! And lots of other children's books......they make me happy:)