Thursday, January 12, 2012

The rest of the visit.

For the last few days of our stay with the grandbabies, we hung around the house baking and eating (pumpkin scones recipe is coming) and playing. One night Abbie sat on the couch reading Bean a bedtime story. Unfortunately, he was more interested in taking a picture of himself with her phone. She tried to get him to turn it around, but he just wouldn't believe that was going to work. He got lots of pictures of the staircase.

Then another afternoon, I was sitting on the couch with Button and Abbie grabbed the camera and started taking pictures.

You know a baby is teething when he chews on the hard plastic side of the pacifier.

Playing makes us sleepy.

Every time I look at those photos, I yawn too. Did you?

Be thankful ~

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NaomiG said...

Cute, cute, cute yawn. And yes, I also yawned. :-)