Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More from the grandbaby visit.

I was just sitting here going through all my pictures from the trip and realized I'll never get them all in one post. It's so much cuteness the Internet would explode.

As usual, our trip began with a few hours of driving through the mountains of western Virginia, complete with snow blowing in sideways. I'm betting the weather's even like that in July. It was still snowing and blowing when we drove home seven days later.

As soon as we got there, I started snapping pictures, hoping to get a few that were blog-worthy. Few is the key word there. Here's Button with his big eyes and adorable heart-shaped face.

Sticky Bean wants to rough-house all. the. time. But we did get him to sit still twice while we were there for pictures.

Abbie worked on figuring out how to use Deb's camera so we would get more photos of the boys.

And we drank coffee. Organic coffee. With fresh-from-the-cow cream. There are advantages to living among the Amish.

Button is the opposite of Bean. This baby is snuggly and mostly happy. And did I mention the huge eyes and precious heart-shaped face?

I can feel the Internet getting close to terminal cuteness threshhold.

Sorry. One night Abbie and I got out the Play-Doh with Bean. I made a taco. Bean made a spoonful of sour cream to put on it. Abbie sculpted Hitler.


Bean loves food, so Play-Doh creations are always edible things, even though they're not.

Putting sour cream on a hot dog.

Making peas.

Deb and David recently rescued a litter of kittens that someone left by the side of the road. They found homes for all but two, who are now members of the family. They had not yet named the kitties, so Abbie did. This is Beyoncé. Jay-Z is playing in the woods.

And that's about halfway through the week. More to come tomorrow.

Be thankful ~


Sarah said...

Aww.. how cute! Look at those eyebrows!

Kayla said...

Adorable! I love the little eyelashes on Button. Bean looks like he is thinking all the time...if you know what I mean. I have never thought of using PlayDoh to sculpt like a real artist...hmmm....tell the very talented Abbie thanks for giving what should have been a very obvious idea!

Mike said...

1.) Megamind is pretty cute :D

2.) AAAAND that's not Hitler. That is very clearly a Teddy Roosevelt 'stache.