Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekend in review. Oh I crack myself up.

So what is this, Thursday? Yes, Thursday. And now I'm going to post pictures of last Sunday. It's a good thing I don't try to pay the bills with this blog.

Last Sunday we went to have the big, festive dinner with most of my family. We were missing one brother, two nephews (and one wife), a great-nephew, and two of my daughters, but we had fun anyway. My brother grilled the most amazing ribeye roast and we cookied ourselves to death with a lot of these

which we also decorated, and some of these.

Bess was her usual tolerant self, probably because she's so arthritic she requires help getting on her feet.

The nieces.

The nieces and their mom just before they all burst out laughing. I think this was before the food coma set in.

Abbie playing with bokeh. Good thing she has a generous mom who lets her use the good lens.

And the GRANDparents looking young and chipper as ever.

Ben made it through almost the whole day before he had to catch a short nap, and this week he's feeling a lot better and going back to work.

The rest of the week has been eaten up with editing, building a tool shed out back, and babysitting. Next week Abbie, Man-squared, and I are going to visit the grandbabies (and their parents). I'm taking the week off from the gym and running, hoping that will cure my recent case of burn-out.

Be thankful ~

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