Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My day in numbers.

1: The number of seconds it took me to look out the window, see the driving rain, and decide I wasn't doing my long run.

2: The number of donuts I ate. I do realize that running and then eating donuts is counterproductive, but they were calling my name and my willpower was having an off day. Tomorrow I will throw the rest of the box in the garbage.

3: The number of miles I ran on the treadmill (aka the hamster wheel). My original plan was six miles, but then I got up this morning and saw it was pouring, and I'm just not that dedicated. So why didn't I run six miles on the hamster wheel, you ask? Because it's just too dang boring. Three miles was all I could muster.

4: The number of loads of laundry I did today. In anticipation of the full-time job I still don't have, I've been trying to do things I don't normally have time for, like washing curtains. Today I did that. Four is also the number of times I swept up the dog hair in the laundry room. And if you go out there right now, dog hair tumbleweeds will gently roll as you walk past. I wish my hair grew as fast as Pete's.

5: The number of times I ran from the car to the gym, a store, or my house, wondering why I didn't bring the umbrella I just bought last week. I'm nothing if not consistent.

Here's hoping for a sunshiny day tomorrow.

Be thankful ~

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