Saturday, November 26, 2011

The artist as a model.

One of Abbie's classes this semester (Digital Imaging) had her making up a movie and then producing a movie poster for it. So she created this whole plot about a research assistant in time travel who doesn't believe the Rapture is going to happen, but then travels forward in time to after it has happened, and then comes back. But then it's too late because he's lost the opportunity to believe by faith. The movie is called Foresight, and she made this awesome poster for it, using her friend Ryan as her model.

Another guy in the class made up his movie and wanted to use Abbie as a model. Some girl did her hair and makeup, and while I don't have the final poster, here's the photo they used (by Nathan Rohrer):

While it's beautiful, it really doesn't look a lot like her. It's amazing how a little makeup can turn a lovely young lady into someone who looks like a villain.

Here's the real Abbie:

In another class (Art as Communication) she used Leah as her model for this project:

I love that she's so talented! And now you know where my tuition money is going. :)

Be thankful ~

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