Monday, October 3, 2011

For once, Pete did the smart thing.

Today when I got home from the gym, Man-squared told me this story:

He had gotten home from class and was sitting at the bar in the kitchen doing his math homework. The dog was acting antsy, so Man-squared opened the door to the deck and let him out. Pete shot down the stairs like he was going to chase the ever-present groundhogs but stopped short at the bottom, looking out into the backyard with his hackles up. MS wondered why he wasn't chasing like he usually did, so he walked out to the edge of the deck.

And saw a huge black bear looking at Pete from about 15 yards away.

MS ran back to the door yelling for Pete, who came tearing up the stairs and into the house like a scared little girl. Apparently he has some sense.

Be thankful ~


Kayla said...

Yikes! Have you had bears around before? That close? I grew up in Minnesota - there were bears around....but I never saw one close up...the idea of playing in the backyard takes on a new meaning....I say again....yikes! (Please forgive my punctuation, or more accurately, the lack of proper punctuation.)

NaomiG said...

Aaaaack! Scary--so very glad Pete didn't fight. Clearly he's brilliant. :-)