Monday, August 29, 2011

Catching up.

Ben just walked in my bedroom and said to Elijah, "Son, remember when Mom used to have a blog?"

What is with the pressure from my family? You'd think they all sat at their computers just waiting for the latest blog post!

So lest I disappoint my fans (all 6 of them), here are some photos to chronicle the last few days.

Man-squared with his new ukelele. He says all the cool people play them.

Pete, lusting after the squirrel he can't get.

At one point the squirrel turned and chattered right at him, and Pete tried to run through the glass. The stupid was bred into him.

Man-squared plowing up the backyard. The picture is fuzzy because I'm standing inside shooting through the window. It was pouring rain.

Man-squared showing off his mud-covered self after he laid the bike over twice. In the pouring rain. I'm not sure how different this is from Pete trying to run through the glass door, but I'm holding out hope for Man-squared.

Thanks to those of you who expressed concern about the earthquake and hurricane. The earthquake turned out to be much more traumatic (at least to my psyche) than the storm, which was nothing more than a little wind and rain here in Northern Virginia. The college Man-squared goes to sustained some damage, so his classes have been canceled until the 6th, but that's the only lasting effect other than the fact that I'm a little jumpy.

Here's hoping this week is a little less eventful.

Be thankful ~

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Michelle Sargent said...

As did man-squared's PopPop play. Wow how the circle comes round!