Friday, June 3, 2011

Pre-weekend doings.

All of my babies are home!

Well, not home, actually, but in the general vicinity. Abbie and Man-squared live here. Deb and David and the grandbabies have been here since Tuesday. We knew Leah was coming for a wedding three of the kids are in this weekend.

All week, Abbie's been talking about getting a family photo while everyone's here, and I just couldn't make myself get excited about it, knowing Mike wouldn't be in it. It's so hard when they all grow up and leave home. It's just about impossible to get them all together at one time.

So tonight I was standing at the stove cooking dinner when a pair of long arms from an obviously tall person wrapped around me and someone said in my ear, "Hi, Mama." I twisted my glasses right off my face hugging him!

Apparently, the entire family knew he was coming—all except me.

So some of them are at the wedding rehearsal and the rest of us had dinner and made pumpkin bread so Mike could have it fresh out of the oven. Tomorrow is the wedding, and then Sunday my parents and brother and his family will be here. I love having my family all together!

In the midst of all this I have had a sore throat all week, but managed to get to the gym yesterday and today. Somehow I'm maintaining my goal weight. But then my driver's license renewal form came in the mail today, and I saw that it lists me as 5 pounds less than that, so I guess that's my new goal. *sigh* No rest for the weary. But while the family is here, I'll eat and we'll have fun, and I'll worry about weight later.

I really do have grandbaby pictures, but haven't had time to get them up here. Maybe tomorrow.

Be thankful ~



Catherine said...

What fun! Enjoy!

Connie said...

What a nice surprise! Glad he could come home. Have a great time!
I look forward to the pictures:)