Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend recap.

Good gravy, last week was busy! It started on Tuesday when Deb & David and the babies came, and are they ever precious!

Bean, who just turned two years old, loved playing in the sink while I was doing dishes. As soon as I turned the water on, he would run to the dining room to push a chair into the kitchen.

Button is now five weeks old. He doesn't do much other than eat, sleep, poop, and look cute. But he smells sweet like a newborn and cuddles really well. And pukes on my shoulder.

Friday, Mike and Leah came home and the whole family was under one roof. I love when that happens, and the older they get, the harder it is to get together. We managed to get a family photo, but it needs to go through PhotoShop before it gets posted here.

Saturday was the wedding they all came home for. Abbie, Leah, and Elijah were in the wedding. Deb and I got to go back to the room where all eight (eight!) bridesmaids and the bride were getting ready.

For the recessional, Elijah escorted both sisters down the aisle. Fortunately, they didn't look like this.

It was more like this.

Then came the picture taking, and that's hard on a bridesmaid. She had to take a nap on the bride.

Finally, Brooke and her handsome Marine are married!

Then Sunday the grandparents and aunt, uncle, and one cousin came to visit and we had even more fun. We have great photos of the babies with the great-grandparents, but my computer is declaring mutiny and I can't get them uploaded here. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe this is a sign I should shut up now.

So the weekend has wrapped up, D&D and the babies went home today, Leah is back in South Carolina, and I went to the doctor today to get an antibiotic for the sinus infection that has plagued me since last Monday.

And now I'm declaring my own mutiny and going to bed. Good night.

Be thankful ~


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Catherine said...

Oooh, looking forward to the family pic! Glad they were all home with you!