Monday, April 18, 2011

His first masterpiece.

Amazing things are happening in my family, namely that we have discovered an artistic genius among us, and it's not Abbie, although she is very talented.

It appears her incredible abilities have also manifested in the DNA of my grandson, Sticky Bean (in just a minute you'll learn his real name). 

First, this came in the mail today, and I might have almost cried right there at the mailbox:

Our first ever letter from a grandbaby! Honestly, last night I was crashing everybody's party being all negative about our current struggles, and look what shows up today! It sort of puts everything in perspective.

Here's what was inside:

Is that amazing, or what? I'm telling you, I see pure genius here.

And the back:

I couldn't be prouder! It's now hanging in its rightful place where every soul who enters my home will be forced able to stand and admire it for a good long time.

In other not-nearly-so-thrilling news, I was sitting at my desk yesterday when I looked up and saw this guy on the deck:

(Sorry for the blur. That was a major crop.) But look at him with his head thrown back singing to his lady. Did you know that while the female bluebirds build the nest, their mates (they mate for life) sit on a nearby branch or deck and sing to them? How romantic!

Happy spring!

Be thankful ~



Jen's Busy Days said...

My goodness, I lose track of your site for a while after changing my google id and sticky bean gets all grown up. Such a great drawing too. I definitely see great potential there.

Best wishes
Jen in Oz
(glad to "re-find" you)

bensrib said...

So THIS is how it's to be done. She builds the house and I sing!! I love it!!

Deb said...

Aw, glad you enjoyed it:) Now that he's stopped eating the crayons he colors all the time. I was trying to figure out what to do with all his pictures and then thought, "DUH! You send them to the grandparents!"