Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trip to SC: part 2.

I just got around to loading the rest of the photos from our weekend trip to see Leah.

We spent the afternoon Sunday with about 100 other females on the roof of one of the dorms on what they call the "sundeck," discussing things like whether God can provide a husband or not. By Sunday night, my computer still wouldn't connect to the BJU network, so my personal tech support (aka Joy) came to help. Even with two Macs and an iPhone, we still couldn't make it work.

Joy doubles as a headrest. Abbie's trying to find that hour she lost to Daylight Saving Time Saturday night.

On Monday, Leah had to go to work and classes, so Abbie and I went to Falls Park to take pictures.

We found this brace of ducks (yes, I looked that up) sleeping in the sun. I crept closer and closer trying to get a really good picture,

and this is the reaction I got:

They went back to sleep, but kept one eye open. I'm pretty sure they were sick of us.

When we started to get hungry, we headed for downtown Greenville, which is a really cool place, with tree-lined street and lots of neat little shops and restaurants. I should have stood at the top of the hill and taken a picture looking down Main Street, but I didn't. Sorry. You'll have to trust me.

When we were walking past the fountain, Abbie spotted this little mouse reading the book Goodnight, Moon. There are eight mice on Main Street, and you're supposed to find them all.

Taking a picture of our reflection in a glass building. When did I become shorter than everyone in my family?

And finally, Abbie has inherited her daddy's radar for Jersey Mike's Subs. Best lunch ever.

So here I am back to life as usual. Abbie is already in upstate New York for a wedding on Saturday—she'll need a vacation from her spring break!

Be thankful ~


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Leah said...

I like how you don't have a single picture of me from the trip you took to see me. :D