Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm such a know-it-all.

And that would be great if it worked, but today I failed.

Remember the ankle Man-boy sprained? And remember the ER doctor told us to have it X-rayed again this week just to make sure it wasn't fractured? And remember how I just knew it was only sprained?


Today we had an appointment with a pediatric orthopedist in Richmond. Man-boy was going to wear shorts but I said, "Don't do that. You'll freeze. It's only in the 50s." So he put on his jeans. Bad, bad mama.

When we got there, the first thing the nurse asked was, "Do you have a pair of shorts?" and Man-boy looked daggers at me. But not to worry, they have shorts. Disposable ones. They're blue paper and they go really well with one green Chuck and one bare foot.

The nurse twisted and prodded for a while, and then sent him for an X-ray. Then the doctor came in, poked and wrenched a little bit more and found the spot that hurt. It's actually above his ankle by about 4 inches. Doc went back to look at the X-ray again, then came back in and pushed really hard on that spot. Man-boy caught his breath and said, "YES. THAT HURTS."

The doctor said the fracture is actually higher than we thought which is why the swelling has gone down considerably and Man-boy's ankle and foot don't hurt at all. So here's how it all turned out:

Man-boy bravely walked out of the place in his fancy blue shorts and one green Chuck, but for some reason would not let me take a picture the outfit. Sorry, I tried.

Be thankful ~



The Bailey Family said...

LOL!!! That is to funny! You are a good mommy though, even if you didn't get a picture! :)

Catherine said...

Disposable paper shorts - oh my! One day Man-Boy will look back on this and laugh.