Thursday, February 17, 2011

An almost literal run-down.

Today started with the raucous beeping of the alarm at 4:30 a.m. Man-boy and I had an appointment on the north side of DC at 9 and needed to leave the house by 5 in order to beat the worst of rush hour. In case you've never experienced a Northern Virginia rush hour, don't. That's all the advice you're going to get from me. Just cross it off your bucket list right now.

So we headed out armed with directions and lots of prayer and it's a good thing. Not 30 miles up the interstate the car directly in front of us was rammed sideways by a big white pickup, which then attempted to move over to the right shoulder by almost hitting a semi, followed very closely by cutting off the little car behind the semi. It was one of those moments that seems to be playing in slow-motion before your very eyes, like the time you tripped up the steps in your formal wear going into the junior prom. Six hours later, Man-boy was still expressing his disbelief at how quickly it happened.

Anyway, since we beat the worst of the traffic, we found ourselves in the cozy town of Bethesda two hours early, so we thought we'd get some breakfast.

Did you know people in Bethesda don't eat? There is not a food-serving establishment in the entire city. We did find a Starbucks, but the closest parking was five blocks away. Gives new meaning to the phrase "drive-thru."

We wound up going outside the Beltway and finally found an old-fashioned diner that claimed to serve locally-grown, fresh food. The ketchup on the table was organic, so we figured that was a good sign. While we were eating our locally-grown, fresh breakfast and enjoying the oldies on the jukebox (and by "oldies" I mean the stuff I listened to in the '70s), two 50-ish looking men came in and one started busting a move right there in the aisle between the booths. And it was a pretty good move, if I do say so myself. I was quite impressed and told him so. It might have made his day.

By the time we got home it was almost 3:30 and the day was still beautiful.

I just couldn't resist throwing on the shoes

and grabbing the iPod (yes, it's a pink iPod with orange earbuds. Don't ask.)

and going for a 2-mile run/walk. And you know what I learned? Running on a treadmill is WAY easier. There are no hills. There's no wind. Neighborhood children and dogs are not gawking at you. The ground keeps moving and all you have to do is pick your feet up. But in spite of all that, I made it in 22 minutes, not too bad for my first road run.

When I posted this pertinent data on facebook, I was immediately invited to run an 8K and a half marathon. Really? Don't let the fancy running shoes fool you—I'm still a turtle. But at last I'll be a healthy turtle who fits in her jeans.

When I got back I sat outside for a while enjoying the warm air and spotted this in the garden below the deck:

Spring really is coming.

Be thankful ~


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NaomiG said...

This post just made me happy. Aren't you glad there were no fast food restuaurants available on this day, and you got to experience a little piece of fading but precious Americana instead of packaged corporate food? (will not get on soapbox, will not get on soapbox... haha!)

YAY for running... I'm trying to be good about this. It is also my goal to fit into my jeans this year too. :-)

And, I woke up to an inch of snow this morning--made me happy. But, we've been so brown lately, I've been watching for spring green to be popping up too. It will come, it always does. :-)