Friday, January 21, 2011

Someday I'll get it.

In addition to being wildly entertaining when studying Shakespeare, Man-boy has always been good at math, but being very right-brained, he likes to do a lot of it in his head. He's always been that way. And it has always amazed me just how much he can do in his head and still get the answer right, even when doing algebra. And he's fast. He has mad math skillz.

Today while doing some problems with him, I remarked, "I can't believe you do this stuff in your head. You don't even know how you get the answer, you just know it."

He replied, "I do too know how I get the answer. Here (turning the paper toward me), I'll teach you."

I'm hoping to earn my math-skillz diploma in May.

Be thankful ~


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Connie said...

I can't do much algebra on paper, much less in my head! My husband, the engineer, has tried to explain to me how two negatives can equal a positive and I told him to give up. If I spend two dollars and then another two dollars I am left with negative four dollars, not PLUS four dollars! Oh well, thank goodness for people like my husband and your son who understand it and can do the jobs that call for it.