Monday, January 3, 2011

On New Year's resolutions.

Somewhere along the last few days I forgot to make any New Year's resolutions, not that I've ever done it with any measure of success before, but who's counting?

I could have resolved to write a blog post every day of the new year, but oh my word, the PRESSURE! And there's always a P365, but really, if I can't get a blog post up here, how could I commit to posting a photo every day? I did sign up for a P52, which is a less aggressive form of P365, but now that I think of it, I haven't yet taken my first photograph, and oh, the PRESSURE!  Or I could have said "I'm going to lose ten pounds," but then what if I don't? How do I weasel my way out of that one without looking like a total loser? (Ha ha.)

So instead, I agreed to abstain from candy, cookies, and cake for the first fifteen days of January. Now why did I do that? I was invited to this abstinence party by a woman with whom I am friends on facebook but have never actually met in real life. Someone else commented on her invitation, "Resolutions with time limits! What a great idea!" So what happened? Abbie and her friends chose January SECOND to make homemade chocolate chip cookies.

For two days I have walked past the cookie container on the counter and not eaten so much as a crumb. I didn't even lick the bowl while I was helping them clean up. I think I should get extra points for that.

On a serious note, I am committing to read the Bible through this year. It's been a couple of years since I did that, so it's about time. I'm starting with the prophets though, because it makes May and June much easier. I always have the hardest time getting through all the "woe to him" and "woe to them" stuff, so this way I get through it first and can go on to read the history and New Testament without it hanging over my head.

Saturday I started by reading the first ten chapters of Isaiah, thinking I could get a head start over the weekend. Then Sunday afternoon I got up to chapter 40—go me! I just read five more so now I'm at 46. My goal is to get through Ezekiel quickly and then slow down a bit. I'm finding that you get a better understanding of what's going on when you read it in large quantities too, so that's an added benefit. We'll see if I can keep up this pace. I'll keep you posted.

Be thankful ~


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Fiddledeedee said...

You go girl. I have Oswald Chamber's Daily Devotional Bible on my nightstand. Gathering dust. I really want to read that this year! :)