Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am now the mother of four children over the age of 21.

In celebration of Abbie's 21st birthday today, I thought I'd share with you all the wonderful things she is (in no particular order, because I don't really feel like moving all these photos around).

1. She's a big sister (in age, obviously not in size) to Man-boy.

2. She's a babysitter and buddy to Bailor. She says he is her favorite little kid (other than her nephew, of course) EVER.

3. She's an artist. We knew this about her when she was just a little girl. She and Leah would write books together—Leah wrote the stories and Abbie did the illustrations. They even wrote a series once, about a mouse family, and made a little box for the books (I think there were four of them). And weren't the mice's names Ethel and Herman? (Leah? Abbie?)

4. She is a forward-thinking style maven. Here she has snagged her big brother Mike's hat.

5. She is a very positive person. Even when Man-boy's team was losing by 7, Abbie was there cheering them on.  (Note joe-cool sunglasses. See #4.)

6. She is the life of the party. Here she is asleep in the booth at Bonefish Grill after a day at the beach. I believe this was taken about 6:30 p.m.

7. She's an aunt—the one who will always be known for making funny faces.

8. She's not a quitter. Here she is trying to get in my car in a parking lot in Richmond, far from home. The doors are locked and we can see the keys on the front seat—the only set of keys we have for this car. We are waiting for the locksmith.

9. See #3. Her artistic abilities never stop amazing us. This is her first acrylic painting, which perfectly reflects so much of her personality.

10. She is a cousin. Here she is feeding ducks in South Carolina with her cousins G and H. Little children have always flocked to her like ducks to stale bread.

11. She is a sister to Leah

and Deborah. Three closer sisters have never existed in spite of how different they are from each other. I'm jealous of their incredible bond.

12. She is a hiker. She's always loved to be outside, and even now is always game for a good hike in the woods or up a mountain.

13. She is a precious daughter. She makes me laugh and keeps me looking on the bright side. And she made me get rid of my mom jeans.

14. She is a hater of snow, but allows her little brother to throw snow in her face and get away with it. She's such a good sport!

15. She is a snuggler of babies. It's that thing with little children.

I hope she gets to have a house full of them.

Happy birthday, Abbie. You are a precious gift from God and a shining light in a dark world.

Be thankful ~


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Leah said...

It was Ethel and Herman. And I think we had an Oliver in there somewhere. We were such weird kids.