Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting all Aesop-ish.

After a quick trip around bloggy land this morning, I've determined I'm the only one who has the miserable, biting cold without the pretty snow, and hence something interesting to take photos of. I considered complaining about it, but thought the better of it since I'm the one who hates snow with a burning fiery passion.

So in celebration of not having snow, I walked around a shoe store yesterday in my parka and gloves and bought a pair of my all-time favorite sandals in gold. Because you can never have too many pairs of summer shoes. And that brought out this maxim-for-the-ages:

Winter is for practicing your coping skills until it's time to wear flip-flops.

Are you holding up?

Be thankful ~



NMR lover Kelce said...


Connie said...

Holding up just fine here in the only state without snow on the ground. Ironically, I wouldn't mind a 1/2 in or so. Everything here in Florida would stop if we got more than that. It sure was pretty back in 1977 tho even if I did have to go to school that day. Ok, I will stop rubbing it in now. Hope everyone driving on the icy roads stays safe!

NaomiG said...

I have 8 new inches outside. :-) And the sun was shining while it snowed today, which was quite lovely.

That being said, I used to randomly stubbornly wear shorts and a tank top to college on cold rainy winter days in portland, because I was longing for a sunny warm day.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Ha ha...I love your sense of humor.

I don't mind the winter...because I live in the South and I know it won't last long.