Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend in review.

Did I mention I've been busy?

Thursday I put my two youngest kids (17 and 20) on the Amtrak to Albany, New York. I don't know what came over me, but I'm the one who made the arrangements for them to switch trains in Penn Station.

In New York City.

What was I thinking? They're both seasoned travelers, having been all over America and to Amsterdam, London, Romania, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand, but New York City is like no other place on earth, and I know it because I used to live near there and visited the Big Apple many times. Foreign airports  are no problem . . . New York City is a different story.

Abbie thought it was odd that there was a Braille warning right next to the 120-volt outlet. Either way you figure out what it is.

Man-boy just outside Penn Station. Nice fake smile.

Inside Penn Station. Both kids said they heard every bad word known to man in fifteen different languages in the first 10 minutes here. A truly international experience.

It was an adventure, but they lived to tell the stories, so it's all good.

Friday I did the usual gym/work/sweep up the dog hair routine. But that morning before I went to the gym, I realized I would be home alone all day, so what was the rush to work, right? I thought I'd just drink my coffee and watch the news and have a nice, leisurely morning. Sounds easy, right?

No. We recently bought a new TV, which of course came with a new remote. In addition to the one for the DVD player and the one that controls the satellite box. I sat with all three remotes for a few minutes, reading the label on each button carefully and trying to figure out what each one might do. After pressing exactly four buttons and screwing up the system for the next six weeks, I shut it off and left for the gym. I'm not much of a TV-watcher.

Saturday I helped out with a wedding at our church, and while most of my time was spent between the two kitchens baking 720 miniature quiches (no exaggeration there, I counted), I did get a few photos.

Here's the violinist, for whom I take all the credit. I could listen to her play all day long and tomorrow too and don't get to hear her nearly often enough. She's playing the Canon in D for 147th time in her life. She could play it blindfolded. She once played it without tightening the strings on her bow (not on purpose) and it still sounded amazing.

The saying of vows.

Introducing the bridal party. Ring bearers refuse to do what flower girls tell them to do.

This is her "I'm very frustrated with you but I'll smile for the camera" face.

Robbie and Bethany.

Great day, but busy and boy was I glad to get off my feet last night!

So now the weekend is over and I'm trying to squeeze in the last five minutes of relaxation before I have to hurry up and sleep and do it all over again. Except the wedding. And the train trip. But you know what I mean.

Have a great week!

Be thankful ~


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