Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You didn't know I was an appliance repairman, did you?

Neither did I.

A few months ago our refrigerator died, so we went to Lowe's and bought a new one. It's just your basic side-by-side Whirlpool. I always said I'd never buy one with ice and water in the door because they break all the time and they're more trouble than they're worth. So guess what I bought?

One with ice and water in the door. But only because you can't get a refrigerator without them anymore.

All was well for the first two months, and then one day no water would come out of the dispenser on the door, surprise, surprise. But no worries, it was still under warranty. So I called and scheduled someone to come look at it.

In keeping with today's typical customer service (that sounds kind of old and crusty, doesn't it?), the repairman neglected to show up or even call. Another month went by and I called again. This time they promised to come today.

But wait, back up to last Saturday, when we had the big empty-the-house-and-sand-the-floors party. Remember the refrigerator wound up on the deck under the tarp in the rain and snow?

Well, apparently that was all it needed. This morning on a whim, I thought, "You know, I ought to check this water just to make sure it really doesn't work."

Now what on earth made me think that? And what made me go so far as to grab a glass before I pressed the lever that dispenses water? And how shocked do you think I was when water came gushing forth?

So next time you have an appliance with an attitude, just put it on the deck in sub-zero temperatures in rain and snow for a weekend. I promise you it will have a change of heart and straighten up in no time.

Be thankful ~


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Nanato4 said...

That'll teach it! ha!