Saturday, December 18, 2010

PhotoHunt: Male

This one made me laugh. I was scrolling through my pictures looking what I thought represented the essence of "male."

I thought about this one:

But then I found this one. At my house, nothing says male like a huge pile of firewood.

For reference, that's an F-150 parked behind the pile.

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Be thankful ~



srp said...

That first one is funny... he is straining so hard to make that muscle. And the firewood.. I miss the smell of real wood burning fireplaces in the neighborhood... gas is cleaner and easier but just not the same.

Luna Miranda said...

the first photo reminds me of the arm-wrestling games i won over boys my age. (lol)
like srp, i also miss the smell of firewood.

Leah said...

So if the essence of "male" is firewood, does that mean I'm done? I like this idea.