Monday, December 27, 2010

It's the big four-oh!

I logged in today and was greeted with the news that I have my 40th follower! You have no idea how exciting that is to me! (I love nice even numbers, not that y'all are just numbers, but that 40 up there where the 39 used to be is just so . . . right.) I love the fact that someone . . . anyone . . . comes to read the stuff I put up here. So thank you. You've been a blessing to me today.

Deb and her family left this morning very early, and after they were gone, all the other kids went back to bed. Ben and I got our computers out and worked a few hours, and then I left for the gym, determined not to turn into the Michelin woman over these two weeks. In his defense, Ben would have gone too, but he's been attacked by a plague that causes him to cough up his toes, and he prefers to do that at home.

I got there a little early, so I rode a mile on the bike before Strive started. Then I did another two miles during the class, plus all the weightlifting and ellipticalling. I've spent the rest of the day being exhausted.

Do you sense a pattern? I have a hard time breaking a pattern.

I did get another two hours of work in, helped Abbie put together a dress she's sewing, made some dinner, and did some laundry. And now I fear I'm driving my 40th follower to the delete button with my lame play-by-play of my boring day.

Please stay! I'll stop!

See? When all else fails, stick a picture of a cute baby up there and it's all good.

Bean will be two years old next time I see him. *sigh*

Be thankful ~


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Connie said...

He might be turning two, but you will have a new baby to spoil! Not to mention buy pretty dresses and other girly things for. I pray they had a safe trip home.