Friday, November 12, 2010

Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

This year in our homeschool we're studying a little Shakespeare, and reading some of his plays. As you can imagine, Man-boy is thrilled about it. So far, his favorite has been Hamlet, probably because it contains all manner of manly sword-fighting and killing.

Yesterday we read Romeo and Juliet, which just about made his macho head explode with all its girly drama. Here's how he feels about it:

Pete agrees.

Like Man-boy, like dog.

Be thankful ~



NaomiG said...

Haha, but it must be studied. :-) We loved the modernized movie with a lot of the original Shakespearean verbage from 1996--directed by Baz Luhrman... we thought it was excellently done cinematically speaking, although people usually love it or hate it. Don't know if that's your thing, but he might enjoy that more.

Leah said...

Our next Artist Series event is The Tempest. I'm pretty excited:)