Monday, November 8, 2010

We'll need sunglasses. The polarized kind.

So, remember the forsythias? And the bushes? And the walkway?

Yeah. Didn't go near any of them. But I did get to the city to pick up Abbie's bridesmaid dress.

While I was out running errands, Man-boy got his schoolwork done and went to work on the backyard. Most of the leaves haven't fallen yet, but we've learned not to wait too long or the job is unbearable.

Please do not take notice of my dead tomato plants that I haven't yet torn out of the garden. Pete tried to stay out of the way. He's not a fan of the mower.

Here's a shot of the new tile the boys put in at the front entry. I love how it turned out.

Ben's been working on the sunroom too. It used to have sliding glass doors on three sides, and leaking skylights in the ceiling. The boys tore it all apart last year and installed windows and took out the skylights. It's been waiting patiently since then.

There was a lot of mudding and sanding to do, which takes time because you have to let it dry between coats. We were finally getting close to painting time, so we picked out a beautiful yellow. We tried to find it a tad lighter, but couldn't find a lighter one we liked, so we went with this one. Ben decided to try out a small piece of wall before he went painting the whole thing.

When he first painted this, I loved it. Ben, not so much. I still love it in real life, but in these pictures it looks hideous. Ben says he will paint the room this color if I want it, but he will not take responsibility for it.

This is where you come in. Please give your honest opinion of the yellow, and I emphasize honest. Will it come across as cheery or schizophrenic? 

Oh my word, I just realized it's brighter than the bananas on the counter.

Be truthful. I can take it.
Be thankful ~



Deb said...

Do it. It needs that yellow:) With white trim and light colored curtains it will look fantastic!

Catherine said...

Hmmmm . . . I'm not sure you'd like the end result when it's on every wall of the room. Yellow is tricky because of the light.

You might want to look again among the beige/off-white colors that are in the yellow hues at the paint store. They tend to come up a little darker on the wall than they do on the paint swatch. Just my 2 cents.


NaomiG said...

First off, allow me to preface this statement by saying that I ALWAYS choose the brightest or darkest or possibly most obnoxious color possible. My dining room has a black wall. Also, this is going to be a long comment. :-)

Now, that being said...I think it's beautiful. And, it looks like you wouldn't have huge areas of it--it's more of an accent because it's broken up by so many windows and doors...however, it may make your eyes tired after a while... do you have some white paint of the same sheen (eggshell to eggshell, or satin to satin, etc.) sitting around that you could mix up yourself until it ends up at a shade you're a little more comfortable with--just a touch lighter perhaps?! Or you could whitewash over the top of it to soften it a bit. I'd live with that little painted area for a bit and see if you fall in love, or begin to not like it. Chances are good you should go with whatever feeling is more prevalant in your head. If you decide to keep it (and I think you should, personally.) I would just make sure you decorate the room so it's an accent-go with a few bold opposite colors to meet it, so the yellow doesn't overwhelm the other colors in the room, and any larger spots of blank wall should have a painting/picture on them. Perhaps buy some blank canvasses at a craft store and some acrylics in your opposite color choices and have your grandson go to town making you a painting next time he visits?! You have to share after pictures--what an amazing room!

Leah said...

DO IT DO IT DO IT. I love it!!!!!

krystina said...

I love it! I agree that the windows breaking up the walls make it a little less suffocating. and I second the canvases done by Bean. Brendon loves finger painting, they end up more with finger swipes than full-handed smears. It'll be great!

Kara Jean said...

That yellow does not go with the wainscoting. Paint it that color if you want to repaint it in 6 months. That yellow is jarring. I suggest getting a palette containing the color of the wall in the second picture. Pick a bright color off that palette. This way you get bright color in the sun room that blends appealingly with the rest of the house. Sherwin Williams has an excellent website for color selection.

Anonymous said...

I say stay with yellow, but not quite that bright. I painted my kitchen that very color, I finally repainted. I never bonded with it. Go for bright but somthing that will not give you a headache at 7AM.

In the end, you have to look at it so go for what you love. If you don't love, it is just paint.


Connie said...

I have to agree with Catherine. I prefer a lighter yellow which would contrast with the darker wall in the other room. Looking at it from the angle in the picture it looks too heavy especially for a sunroom. You are the one who has to like it tho and it seems as if at least two of your girls think you might.

That bridesmaid dress is beautiful! I hope you will post a picture of Abbie in it as well as one of the sunroom when it is finished.

Poor Pete, he looks so forlorn!!

Rachel said...

I agree with Kara Jean. I would like something that would blend with the other wall I am seeing. It would bug me after a while even if I loved the yellow. But as others have said....its not about what we like and you can repaint if it gets old. Just be prepared to paint it yourself( or start it and your painter husband will not be able to stand the work and will take over for you!...This is what I did:) I do know that white does tone the yellow down and, like others have said, a picture also would make it work better too. How blessed are you with that beautiful SUN room! As I type the wind and rain are blowing!! Hope you are able to enjoy it soon!