Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I got sent home.

This morning I woke up so excited to vote! I had grand plans for all the great photos I was going to take and share here, and you know what? It's not allowed. I could have sat in the parking lot and taken photos of the signs, but what would that get you? A bunch of photos of stupid signs?


But I did my duty anyway and voted. I said on facebook I was going to vote to throw the bums out, but unfortunately, my district doesn't have any bums to throw out this year, so that was kind of anticlimactic. But I voted anyway.

This is what I got to show for it:

Don't judge me by this picture. I just got back from the gym and it's really hard to take a picture of yourself. And my hands look like I'm 80. Why am I putting it up here? Like you've never seen an "I voted!" sticker before?

Shutting up now.

Be thankful ~



Heidi said...

LOL, Karen - this post just makes me smile.

Connie said...

Why are we always so critical of ourselves? Your hands look great! I am a few years younger than you and have some light brown spots already. Be thankful! (snicker)

In other news, it looks like alot of the bums ARE getting thrown out. Yippee! I sure hope Fox News projections about the House end up being correct :)

Casa Cannon said...

your arms look awesome! you must pump some serious iron!