Sunday, November 28, 2010

Current reading material.

What is it about Sunday afternoons that makes it so hard to write a blog post?

In honor of my inability to put together a coherent paragraph with real meaning, here are my random thoughts for today.

1. This morning on the way to church, we passed a farm where a deer carcass has been lying near the road for about a week. Every day there's a little less meat and a little more bare skeleton showing, and the vultures are all over it. Today there was a bald eagle sitting on it. I thought how fitting it is that our national bird is nothing more than a carrion-eating buzzard.

2. I just ordered a book from the library called Huck, by Janet Elder. I'm a sucker for a dog story, and this one is the true story of a boy in New York who wants a dog. He finally gets one when his mother is diagnosed with cancer, but the dog is lost while they are away on a vacation. My library system has 6 copies in cataloguing, and I'm number 4 in the queue, so it shouldn't be too long.

3. I also ordered I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg, and  am not too sure how this one will be. The reviewer says the book "delivers a positive message about living an authentic life." I ordered the large-print edition, so I'm number 3 in the queue. For the regular-print edition, I was going to be number 67.

4. Also, while I was at the library's website, I checked to see if there were any other holds for my account and found that I am also in the queue for John Grisham's The Confession. I'm number 108. At two weeks per reader and assuming no one returns the book late, I will be reading it in 2015.

5. I'm just finishing up The Great Typo Hunt, the story of Jeff Deck and various friends who travel around the country correcting misspellings and apostrophetic mishaps on signs and billboards. While the book was mildly interesting to an editor-type like me, I wouldn't rave about it. I'd much rather read Bill Walsh or Lynn Truss. I will say this though: the more I read books about grammar and usage, the more convinced I am that I'm a prescriptivist, not a descriptivist. And it appears the prescriptivists are losing the battle. "Text" and "friend" are now and forevermore will be verbs. I'm waving the white flag.

Be thankful ~


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