Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a difference a day makes.

Last week I sat around twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone to send me something to edit. All week long the Jeopardy song was running through my mind in a miserable, never-ending loop. Then last night in the space of 23 minutes, I got 8 emails from 5 different people containing 4 high-priority projects plus a product description and sell sheet, as well as 3 articles for a Christmas publication. All due this week.

Of course I handled it in my usual calm, cool, and collected way. I sent my co-editor a panic-stricken email:

Beth! Help! I'm swamped! Can I send you a PD and SS? Pretty please?

Then just as soon as she replied saying sure, she could do those no problem, I fired off another one (Start small, I say. You can always ask for more. This is in direct disagreement with my daughter, Deb's philosophy of negotiating, which is "always ask for more than you hope to get." I actually heard her giving her younger sister this wise counsel once.):

And can I send you these articles too? Honestly, last week I had nothing and today I got the tsunami of editing!

So Beth bailed me out (I just realized that's a funny. Ha ha.) and now I'm only half panic-stricken. But soccer is over, so the schedule should be a little easier to work with. Except that now I'm committed to doing Pilates twice a week in a feeble attempt to shed the five pounds I put on during my season of sitting on the sidelines and eating too much fast food.

I also just realized this post is going nowhere, kind of like this photo I took at yesterday's playoff game

which shows nothing more than my ability to mis-focus (is that even a word?) a very expensive camera at 50 yards.

You're welcome.

Be thankful ~


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