Thursday, October 21, 2010

More adventures of the Princess and the Pete.

As my Uncle George used to say, "Another day, another dollar two-ninety-eight."

Somehow I can't get nearly enough done in a day, and just about the time I think I might get caught up, daughter #3 calls to remind me we need to order a dress for a wedding she's going to be in. That requires a trip to the city an hour south of us on Saturday. Shoot me.

Princess P came to spend the morning with us today, and since I hadn't had my breakfast yet, I made an extra scrambled egg. I got her all set up at the table and this is what happened.

She looked at me funny and took a tentative bite.

Still looking at me funny, she took a few more bites.

Then she started making monster-y gobbling noises and shoving the eggs in her mouth.

Pete waited. He remembered the fishies from last week.

I found out later that P's mother doesn't want her to have eggs until she's two. Oops. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's ruining P's mother's food plans for her kids. Tuna—check. Eggs—check. Peanut butter—check. At least we know she likes them.

P made a fascinating discovery today: Pete's paws. He's trying to ignore her.

Pete: Maybe if I don't look she'll go away.

P: Hey, when I poke them they move!

P: Oooo, look! Here's another one!

Pete: Mom! Help!

Eventually, P gets tired of paws and wants to go home. This is her "I want to go home" face.

Okay, P. Mommy's coming.

Be thankful ~


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