Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another day with no pictures! What is WRONG with me? I really did have other things on my mind.

Since I started working for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I have saved a copy of everything I've edited, and let me tell you, after almost two years, that's a LOT of stuff. I had everything categorized in folders so it was easy to find, and I'd say I probably had close to a thousand emails. Maybe more—it's so hard to tell.

So this morning, the first email I opened was from the big boss telling us we were having major server issues that were negatively impacting the store, and all folders would be deleted in the next day or so.

Did you know that coffee is not necessary to get your blood pumping vigorously in the morning?

Near-panic ensued, and after an hour of frantic work, I think I have saved everything I needed (a fraction of what I  had) in MacMail. And backed it up on an external hard drive. And prayed over it for good measure. I'm don't think any of us got much done today, what with all the electronically induced hyperventilating going on.

After that, I spent a half hour actually editing, then went to the gym. Got home, ate lunch, did some school with Man-boy, spent an hour on the phone with Abbie trying to figure out her spring schedule, read a few emails, and went back to the gym (no, once a day is not enough). Ate dinner, read 5 chapters of Acts, and here I am, quite a few hours short for the day. So tomorrow, no matter what Mr. Sun says, I am getting up at 6 to catch up.

In other news, Sticky Bean has new Elmo slippers and two new molars. He's getting all the crabby out of the way before he comes to see Grammy. Such a good boy.

Be thankful ~


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